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Workshops and Classes

Upcoming Live Class

Introduction to Yoga for Singers

Sunday 9th June 10.30am-12pm

at Valentine Voice Care, Lewes East Sussex

Breathe, Stretch, Flow, Release, Sing!

Explore the connection between body, breath, mind and voice.

Yoga is a fantastic tool for singers to connect body, breath, mind, and voice. Yoga can decrease unnecessary tension, create coordinated body alignment and strength, find focus yet freedom in the body, whilst supporting our physical and emotional wellbeing. Connecting movement and sound allows us to explore the voice in new ways, opening the mind to creative possibilities.

This practice introduces yogic techniques and flows that may be useful for singers, with a focus on making space in the body, bringing awareness to our breath and alignment, and letting the voice respond to movement.


Suitable for all levels of yogi and singer/voice user.


Online Yoga for Singers Classes

Body. Breath. Mind. Voice

Classes will be resuming in the future. I am taking maternity leave from Sept 2023 and will be returning early 2024.

Do check Instagram, Facebook or sign up to the newsletter for the latest class information.

This class uses yoga flow and elements of yoga to connect to the breath, release unnecessary tension, improve alignment, add voice to movement and focus the mind. Every sequence and flow is designed with singers in mind, to cultivate awareness of the voice.

In the meantime, Rosie has four 60 x minute downloadable classes that you can watch on demand, with lifetime access. Each class has a focus but builds on the previous, giving continuity and progression to your practice. With the option to pause and recap sections, this is a great way to get a taste of Yoga for Singers at your own pace. It's just £40 for all of this!

Click the link below for more info and to get access now.



"I attended Yoga for Singers this week and it was the best way to start the day. A gentle and energising way to connect with the voice and the body as an instrument, and perfect for developing physical awareness and breathing technique. Loved it!"

Attended Sing Space Workshop


Bespoke Workshops

Rosie regularly runs bespoke workshops for colleges, performing arts schools and independent organisations, online and in person.

Here are some examples of the types of sessions available:


Yoga for Singers

Rosie's most popular class. We use yoga flow and elements of yoga to connect to the breath, release unnecessary tension, improve alignment, add voice to movement, free the voice and focus the mind.

Yoga for Performance Anxiety

A relaxing class to calm the mind. Breath work, slow flow, gentle vocalising, visualisation and techniques to apply to performance situations.

Yoga for the Spoken Voice

Following a similar format to the Singers workshop but the vocalising focuses on speech and finding a connected and clear tone.

Find Your Voice

A fun workshop for beginners to explore singing with ease and freedom. Connect the voice to movement, release inhibitions in the body and the mind and find your true singing voice.

Sing & Move

A specialist workshop for primary schools to give children the chance to free their body, mind and voice. Rosie previously worked as Leader for Singing Projects for a county hub and is experienced in creating and leading exciting and innovative workshops for children.


For more information regarding each workshop and to discuss logistics, content and rates, please email Rosie.

Let's Connect

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Rosie is commited to offering a safe, accessible space for all participants of individual or group classes. Every race, age, gender, ability is welcome. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

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