Currently all of Rosie's lessons are taking place online due to Covid-19. Online lessons are great as you can be anywhere in the world and Rosie uses this as a teaching method all year round. Once restrictions have been eased and it is safe to do so, Rosie also offers in-person lessons in Brighton and London.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are fantastic as they are completely geared to you.

In advance of our lesson we will discuss your background and experience (via email or book your free consultation now!), if you have any vocal goals or struggles, or just want to 'give it a go'.

In our first lesson we will start with a warm up so I can assess your ability. This will be a mixture of simple stretches and gentle vocalising. Some breath work will also be incorporated to focus the mind, connect to your breath and start to get the energy moving.

What happens next will depend on you!

Rosie works with beginners, students and professional vocalists from all backgrounds and vocal genres. The aim of lessons is to free the body and the voice and sing with ease. This may take one lesson or it may be the start of a long working relationship!

We will work together to understand what your voice will benefit from. Together we'll decide if the lesson needs more of a traditional 'singing lesson' approach or if a yoga sequence and flow would best for you to access what you need. More often than not, it is a mix of both!

Examples of techniques explored:

Yoga flows and stretches that help to release unnecessary tension

Understanding breath control, techniques and different breathing methods

Connecting the voice with movement (yes we sing and do yoga!)

Yoga to increase vocal stamina

Exploring voice qualities to hone your craft with confidence and freedom

Building core strength to find what your ‘support’ could be

Guidance to maintaining a healthy body and voice to reduce vocal fatigue

Exploring breath, visualisation and techniques to improve performance anxiety

You don't need any experience in yoga or voice to have a lesson.

Our consultation prior to the lesson will allow us to make sure you really get what you need from lessons.

Great for Singers, Actors, Public Speakers, Voice Students, Teachers....or anyone that speaks and sings a lot!

Visit the resources page for some short practices and vocal tips:

body - breath - mind - voice

Please get in touch if you have any questions



Rosie is commited to offering a safe, accessible space for all participants of individual or group classes. Every race, age, gender, ability is welcome. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.